World Cup Headlines

Some Headlines from around the World as the final Group games of the SM Top 100 World Cup were played last night.

Germany fail again and for the 2nd World Cup in a row Noisy has failed to escape the Group Stage – How much longer can the German FA put up with this ineptness?

Defending World Cup Champions, Colombia have fallen at the first hurdle and Lee Reynolds quit inside the stadium taking a German helicopter out of the ground bound for Dortmund and pre-season training… in a recent poll 99% of the German public have called for Reynolds to be unveiled as the next Germany manager. Could Noisy be off to Colombia?

Russian boss Greg Owen was apparently told it was the 2nd round or the Gulag for him and amazingly his side pulled of a great result to progress to a meeting with England.

Italy were fantastic as they made it to round 2 with 3 wins out of 3 with Beddows clearly happen to be in a tournament without the influence of DP and Frank.

Roy Keane continues to gloat more than a cat with a litter of 11 babies as his Spain side marhed on and Mr cheating Malcolm Uruguay also made it through.

Round 2 should be interesting… will Crisp and Jordan still be there come the last 8?

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