Value added explained for the mathematically challenged.

At the start of the season all clubs were rated according to the average of the main positions NOT cash value.

Then the predicted finishing position was calculated, with some minor human input to avoid skewing , i.e. a one of anomaly which affected the overall good / bad rating of a team ( this was only used in 3 or 4 teams )

So taking my own team Fiorentina were the 17th rated team. I finished 11th so I added 6 places in value.

AC Milan were 13th rated , they finished 18th so they get – 5.

Now I know that the highest rated team can never add any value or the lowest rated lose any. In addition it could well be better for a 6th place team to finish 2nd than a 19th rated team to finish 15th.

Not surprisingly the biggest variation came with lowest divisions.

Hope this helps


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