So it’s the final day of the season. In Division 1 Broon’s Fannybashers, bashed some Fannies near the end of the season and seem to have safely/not safely secured a Europa league spot.
So… Where are we with all the other teams? From the top down; Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Juventus have all secured Champions league next season. Congratulations for winning the league Scott.

Porto, Man Utd Chelsea, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid and Fenerbahce (more than likely) have all secured their Europa league spots which leaves the rest…

After the Europa League spots we have Fiorentina and Man city respectively, both on 44 points with Fiorentina having a six plus goal advantage which would be difficult for Man city to go any higher in the table after tonight’s game if both teams win. But still a higher place up from grabs if someone losses – Fiorentina play Juventus in an all Italian affair so my money is on Man City – but again you never know.

The bottom of the league is tighter than pushing a watermelon out of your arse hole. 4 teams, YES 4 teams can still go down with three already been relegated. Leverkusen need a draw and they guarantee top flight football for next season. Then Liverpool & Inter both need a WIN to secure their own future in Division 1, if they two slip up then it will mean Lazio have a chance to creep out of the relegation zone. Have alook at the table below as to how tight it is.

A.C. Milan are relegated to the 2nd tier in Top 100 but I believe the current manager, Steve is keeping his job due to being a fans favourite, and the Milan board are sure he will be the man to get them back into the top flight next season after a long debate, but that may change.

Lyon are also relegated into division two but it was a tough ask for the Lyon manager to keep them up with the last managers poor attitude towards, well pretty much everything, but thankfully there is a good manager there in Warren to make Lyon a force again, whether the current boss will still be there next season is anyone’s guess as we know managers like change as much as players sometimes.

And finally as we have all known for a while, Sevilla sit rock bottom and have been relegated for a while. We all love Jamie and have no doubt he will find success with another club. Sometimes in management your style does not suit the players maybe and therefore don’t perform. Well, either that or Jamie is hard to work with as he spends too much time posing with his Mrs for pictures.


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