1. Without Shawdow of a doubt the best episode I have heard. That analysis was spot on in my opinion and I would have him back in a heartbeat. Dont know what it is but I think the guys is spot on, he is a gentleman. The way he handled the regional cup was just short of amazing cause it does a lot of time and effort to did that and what he has contributed here with his season report. Top, Tip gentleman and I have only known hi for a couple of months. Great stuff David. DP you have the knack too and always make it worth watching. This is not easy to do put you two sounded tonight like you have done a bit of piblic speaking. Very well done and im sure Im speaking for all of us who can be bothered to at least look at the blog, never mind comment on it. I have no higher praise for you guys. And Beddows of course for all the hard work. Hopefully you can become a pindit for us David. and you do sound like Mick Mccarthy lol which is great cause I love nig Mick.I have an idea I may put a cross about where someone could pick a game and it gets commented on live if its a final by one ouf our team… Let me know what you think. Thats would be great if it could be done.


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