Galatasaray Cleanup Underway

Galatasaray fc were officially relegated from division 1 last night.with the club looking at the costs of this and looking at what the future might hold for there current was less known what the financial cost of repairs will be after the very passionate fans stormed the pitch shouting persia out and continuing to cause destruction to the seats. and anything else they could get there hands on.

Its understood that manager prince of persia was barricaded into a room and refused to leave untill riot police arrived.With the gala fans very well known to police it was decided to refuse to attend the game and hope the gala fans became bored.this was however the wrong move and riot police did turn up at 6am to disperse the crowd with the cleanup now happening this evening.
Gala chairman  unal aysal has said we can confirm that our fans rightly weren’t happy last night and have taken out there anger in the wrong way. our manager was unharmed and gave the players a few days of.
With the prince of persia at risk of being sacked its an unknown for the gala fans what really is in store for them next season.

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