Good afternoon gentlemen and welcome to the Thursday Blog. It’s been a while since I issued one of these blogs, well March 17 is the exact date and the reason for this huge gap is that I had plenty on my plate and some pretty important decisions to make but I will come back to that later.
So what has been happening in the Kinnear household? Well the best news is that both my daughters are still single, woo hoo ūüôā As you know I am not a big fan of boyfriends although the oldest daughter, Elise,¬†is 22 in July and can damn well do as she pleases to be honest. She certainly doesn’t need my approval but I know she would come to me for advice. I am quite sure though that a boyfriend is the last thing on her mind at this time. She is currently in a situation that we have all been in at one time and that is struggling with money. She has a full time job in the offices of Jewson but has found her wages don’t stretch as far as she thought they would. We are trying our best to help her out and have suspended her dig money. We have told her to get on her feet and not to worry about giving us any money for living here. I am not the biggest fan of taking money from the kids when they get a job as I never paid a penny to my parents when growing up but we feel it prepares them better for when they eventually move out to their own place. The two girls will leave the house but I think they will be around 45yo when they do lol. In that case, Janene, the youngest, will bring the ’40 year old virgin’ film to life.

Elise has had a bit of heartbreak recently. The story is that about 2 years ago, maybe even 3, she was getting a bit bored with the horse thing. For anyone that doesn’t know, horses are a fascination in this house for everyone except me. The girls have had a horse each for about 12 years now and as much as I am not a fan, they did mean the girls stayed off the streets and away from any potential trouble. So back to the story. As I said, Elise was getting a bit bored with the whole horse thing and she passed her horse onto Janene and we sold Janene’s horse for a couple of grand. Now, I knew what was going to happen, and sure enough it wasn’t long until Elise was thinking she had made a mistake. She was seeing Janene competing in show jumping competitions and it was obvious that she was a touch jealous. She decided she wanted back into the horses but we were very reluctant to just go and buy her a horse. For anyone that is in the know, loaning a horse is a popular and common thing so we spoke with Elise and we agreed that she should look for a horse to take on loan. After a bit of searching she found a horse for loan about 30 miles away near Bathgate. She , along with the wife, went to see it and she loved it right away. The owner of the horse is Catrina Leckie and apparently she hopes to represent Great Britain in Dressage¬†at the Olympics in 2020. Whether she does or not remains to be seen of course. Elise got quite friendly with Catrina and Catrina was very happy to let Elise take the horse called Riz on loan. The deal was that Elise could have the horse for as long as she wanted as long as she was taking good care of him, which was never going to be a problem. To cut this story short, as long as she wanted turned out to be 18 months. That was when Catrina decided she wanted the horse back. Elise was devastated, broken hearted as she had done so much with the horse and, to be honest, he was looking in a lot better condition than when she got him. We were quite angry at this as Catrina gave no reason for taking him back. Elise said they had not fallen out or anything so the decision to take him back was a mystery. Obviously that strained their friendship and they no longer talk. Elise was now horse-less once more, as well as really down and hurt. The wife and I had a talk and we decided to get her a horse of her own once again. It didn’t take long to find one and the wife and the girls picked him up from Shrewsbury 3 weeks ago. His name is Jumbo. What kind of name is that for a horse? I suggested Dobbin but they didn’t go for it. The main thing is that Elise is so happy now and cant stop talking about him and is at the stables all the time. She is still skint though.
For those who read my early blogs, you will remember that I had a little naughty affair with a girl called Gemma. Gemma is 22 and really swept me away. We fell out a while ago but I did say that she would be back. Well, about a month ago she surfaced. I was really happy to see her but was now in the position that I didn’t really want to be in. We chatted as we always did but had not made any decisions about getting back together. That seemed to be solved a couple of days later when we had this massive, fuck off, argument of which the details will remain with me but I do confess that I was probably in the wrong and acted like a Diva. That seemed to be it then. No decision required as I thought there was no way back from this fight. Wrong!! We chatted again and sorted things out. Believe it or not, she is the reason I have not done a blog for almost two months. I was not in a good place. I didn’t know what to do. If I decided to get involved again with Gemma and we got caught for the ninth time, then I could end up with nothing. I had to decide what I wanted. A home life where I have a wife, two loving daughters, a house, a Mercedes, a holiday abroad every year if we wanted and to be honest, an easy life or did I want a future with Gemma. A 22yo girl, 30 years my junior, a very unpredictable girl to be honest but a girl that I know loves me a lot and will do anything for me. A girl with an amazing pair of tits. Ok, the tits are not anything to do with the decision but I thought I would put them out there lol. I spoke to people that I know and trusted not to say anything to anybody and the advice was always the same. It’s a no-brainer they said, what the hell am I thinking about. It took me a while but they were right, it was a no-brainer. I had to stay at home where I am loved and can do what I want really. So that was my decision and it was as if there was this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I was happy enough at home so here is where I stay. I do have one question though. WHY THE HELL AM I STILL SEEING GEMMA!!!!!!¬† What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just let her go, tell her that I am staying with my wife and that there is no future with her? The difference between now and a few weeks ago is that I am not letting it get me down. I have no plans to leave home and to be honest, Gemma is not pressuring me either so at this moment I am just letting things take their own course. I know I am stupid for putting everything at risk but choosing between head and heart is really difficult. Let’s see what happens.

Before going onto the fantasy part of the blog, I want to give a mention to the real life aspect of Top 100. This game world is going from strength to strength and the addition of the Top100TV is a master stroke. To be fair, Stephen came to me about the idea after he had organised it with DP and I had my doubts. I thought is was a decent idea but I didn’t think it would really get off the ground. How wrong was I? It has been a revelation and I was delighted to take part last week. I must admit that it was a surreal experience and I made a couple of mistakes although I doubt anyone will have picked up on them. I have been compared to Pat Nevin in the latest episode and I don’t know if that is a good thing or not with the latter probably being the more likely. James McKenzie likened me to someone that was steaming. To be honest, I think James thought it was an amusing comment and said it in the best possible light but unfortunately I was quite offended by that. I have absolutely no problem with James and still don’t after his comment. To be fair, I think he realised that I was not happy with it and attempted to make up for it with a much kinder comment. James, if you are reading this then don’t worry mate, I may have been upset at your comment but it is already history and it’s all good in the hood.
With it getting to the end of the season, there is a lot of talk about the bottom two in each division losing their jobs. I think it is a great part of the gw but I do not envy Frank’s task of sorting it all out once the season is over. It’s things like the sackings, the TV and the separate cups run by Mr Beddows that makes this the best gw in SM bar none. I had some guy on the SM facebook saying that, after I had mentioned Top 100 in a comment saying that there were older gameworlds that were better than Top100 and were here before it and would still be here long after Top 100 was gone. He seemed to think my comment about the Top 100 was saying that SM was all about our gw. My reply to him was saying that no one suggested that SM was all about Top 100 and that he was entitled to his opinion etc but that I disagreed about other gameworlds being better. I did give him the chance to back up his statement by listing the things that TOP 100 provides and asking him to share which worlds were better and could match what we had to offer. I am still waiting on a reply and even tried to entice him with a ‘You got nothing, eh?’ comment. I am fully convinced 100% that Top 100 is the best gameworld on Soccer Manager and I doubt that anyone will be able to show a gameworld that even comes close.

So, Liverpool are sitting in 9th position in Division 1 and I am thinking of a Euro Shield place next season. I am even thinking of going Gold so I can manage the team in the Euro competition instead of letting my assistant pick a team that inevitably loses 4 and 5 nil. We then put in a poor performance and lose 3-0 at Anfield to champions elect Barcelona. That in itself is not a disaster as I had that down for a defeat anyway but the captain, Sven Bender, is red carded and suspended for 3 games. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem with Leverkusen, Fiorentina and Valencia being the games he misses. To be honest and, without offence, it was quite a soft schedule and possibly three teams that I would be happy to lose Bender for. Well, 2-4, 2-4, 0-3 does not make pretty reading. Without Bender in defence, we lose 11 goals to three teams that we should be beating. All of a sudden the four defeats on the spin has us involved in a relegation battle. From the Euro Shield to a relegation fight in 4 games. To say I was fuming with the players is an understatement. They have seen my good side, my friendly side, my fun side but now they have seen my enraged side. The players have been given the hardest training sessions they will ever get. The good news is that Bender is back for the last 3 games and we have brought in Javier Mascherano from Barcelona¬†to help shore up the defence. Of course, players like Mascherano don’t come for free and the cost was Oscar, who has now left Anfield for the sunnier climes of Barcelona. This left a gap in midfield and to help fill it, James McCarthy also came to Anfield as part of the Oscar deal. He will get a chance in tonights game with Arsenal. I have also told Dede, who was the more experienced of the central defence that lost the 11 goals, that I am trading him hopefully for a centre midfielder around the same ability.
When I looked at the last 3 games, from which we probably need just 1 win to be safe, my heart sank. Arsenal, Chelsea and Real Madrid are certainly going to be very difficult games and I wondered where that win was going to come from. I am still wondering now as I look at the games. Hopefully the signing of Mascherano is the one that keeps us up but I am still stunned at how we have dropped like a stone at the most important part of the season. There is no such thing as being too good to go down but this team should never be fighting at the wrong end of the table. I am confident that if we survive, then we will be a top 8 team next season. I have to take my share of the blame for the position we are in at the moment as there has been far too much chopping and changing but next season will be a season of having a settled team. Transfers will be few and far between and hopefully the players will respond to having a good run in the team and will produce better results. If the worst happens and we lose the last 3 games and that in turn leads to relegation then I will have to convince the chairman and the board that I can bounce back straight away and get automatic promotion back to the top flight. It will be a nervy night against Arsenal and with Michael Bowes still needing points to ensure a European place next season, it will be 90 minutes of blood and guts. I wish everyone fighting for something tonight, good luck in what is the best league in the world.

Well that will do for today. It was not easy trying to get back into the blog writing after a bit of a break but hopefully you enjoyed the mix of real life and fantasy. I apologise that I have no pictures this week as I need to transfer my pics from my phone to the laptop to get the ones I have of the new horse for example, but I will have that sorted for next time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and it is appreciated that you did.

Next week, probably the Sunday, will see Fannie Licker interviewing another manager in the Top 100. Fannie knows who she is interviewing but has still to inform the manager lol. She is one fat lazy bitch but don’t tell her I said that.

Until a fortnight’s time when the season will be over, good luck everyone.


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