Scott Mckenzie – Barcelona

Barcelona Unbeaten Run 

Well its been a Brilliant season for myself and my team , we had a great run from the tale end of last season until the tale end of this season , i reckon its been down to the stability in the selection of team and not many player changes this season , at the start of season one we made alot of changes to the squad selling the likes of Suarez , Neymar , Busquets , pedro , turan . the players we brought in tho Muller , Thiago , Aguero , Reus , Varane , Kroos . i always knew making alot of changes to the squad would be dangerous but i was prepared to do it and hopefully reep the benefits , i reckon we only started seing the benefits at the start of this incredible run . the formation and players just seemed to click and we had decent back up aswell , we were also lucky not having many injuries during this run.i knew this squad of players were good enough to win the league but i never ever thought we would go 47 Games Unbeaten especially withing such a hard and fiercely contested game world with Top Managers .  

Looking back through that run i have to say beating Real Madrid at the Nou Camp and the Bernabeu was special (especially coz i knew it would annoy Roy). after all that’s been said and done i actually have no problem with Roy and hope we can leave the baggage in the past .Also another Highlight was beating Bayern Munich 4-1 at Home , alot was said about the match beforehand as our wee Magician Lionel Messi was out injured and we were getting called a one man team , but others stepped up to the plate and after that result it really took the wind out of the sails of our main rivals who had been snapping at our heels all season . The match that sticks out throughout that run was against Juventus , Dps side played really well at the Nou Camp and too make matters worse we went down to ten men early on with Kevin De Bruyne being sent off but our Main man Messi pulled us out a hole that game and got 2 vital goals to seal an impressive win against a tough side with ten men . 
Looking forward we have stumbled after Athletico Madrid beat us last week , we drew with Relegated Sevilla at home and lost 3-1 to Bayern Munich in the SMFA Champions cup and with a tough game against Dps Juventus tonight we will be looking to get those 3 points that will finally clinch the division 1 title that we made our number 1 priority for the season . We have also added to the squad lately and wondering if this was a factor in our run coming to and end with disrupting the team , we let Thiago and Martinez go and brought in Jerome Boateng who will make our team much stronger going forward , we have also let Mascherano and James Mccarthy go and brought in Oscar as we were looking short in the midfield department . we also look forward to welcoming David Alaba to the Nou Camp when his transfer ban is up Marco Reus will head in the opposite direction and we wish him the best for the future as he was a main man for us through our unbeaten run . the only player we will be possibly moving on is Toni Kroos so if any one reading this is interested give me a pm or talk to me on chat and see if we can come to an agreement , everyone else would be available for the right deal but it would need to be a  deal  that benefits Barcelona . 

Me and my Brother James have had a bit of stick during our time in the gameworld , i think most of it now is banter which is good as we like a bit of banter and certainly James isn’t shy on giving it out either as you all probably know by now , but to give you a bit about us , i am 28 , live in Glasgow with my girlfriend Emma and we have a a Son who will be 2 in September Liam , I work for a company called Clearwater Technology and was recently Promoted from being a plumber to Operations Supervisor and looking after about 20 guys in our region . its been a tough 6 months adapting to the role and workload has definitely increased but i like a challenge and certainly coming  into my own in the position . James is 32 and works as a  Leisure attendant for Glasgow City Council , he runs the Barlarnock Community Centre across from Easterhouse (and has to fight his way home every night ) he lives with his wife Hayley and has 2 daughters Abbey and Ellie . 
Well i hope you all enjoy having a good read of this and hope it was worth the wait. I hope that my Barcelona team  will end the season with a Double and go into next season full of confidence and hoping to win a few more trophys on the way . also would  to like to thanks everyone in this gameworld for making it Brilliant and hopefully will stay like this for years to come . 

                                                            James                    Scott

                                                                         Liam    Scott

                                                                           James family

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  1. Nice one Scott. Its always good to put faces to names and aart from that dodgy fashion wear in the centre pic ;), you look a couple of decent chaps. Takes someone who can look after themselves to work out in the Balarnock/ Easterhouse area. Does he live there also? I knew a couple of folk from area many years ago and they were great guys. A couple of brothers funnily enough that lived in Garthamlock I am sure. Anyway, good to know a little bit more about you. 🙂


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