News From Persia


with the prince of Persia being in charge of galatasaray for 20 games after what was a surprise move at the time from espanyol.With galatasaray just above the relegation zone at the time of previous manager Mr Fred dodger leaving to join lazio. It was hoped a fresh start would be good for the team.but after a good start with a win on the managers debut game its all been down hill since that game with the team becoming involved in a relegation battle which in less there is a miracle then the club will be relegated.this could be confirmed tomorrow  depending on results else were .

galatasaray fans have been in outrage at the teams performance under the manager with many calling for is head And with a massive protest planned for the last game of the season against everton its no surprise to hear rumours that the manager is close to a nervous breakdown.But ahead of the wolfsburg game at home the prince of Persia said in the clubs programme.

“i can understand the fans anger towards to me and the players and i fully take the blame for what has arguably been the hardest test in my career as a manager but i urge all the fans to get behind us in these final games.we need the fans support and we will try until its mathematically impossible to survive.but whatever happens i will fight for my future here in the hope i can put the smiles back on the fans faces.

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