My personal little tribute to Claudio Ranieri


many of you already know that I´m from Roma (neither Rome nor Rom, remember!) like sor Claudio and I´m very proud of him and his big job done with Leicester. Mass media from all around the world are celebrating this “Leicester´s tale”, so I went to Roma and I interviewed my fellow citizens on how is called Claudio´s team.

You can see the video here:  Leistaar, Lisister, Lestà



  1. Ciao Sherief,yes I read it a mounth ago in \”Gazzetta dello Sport\”, thank you. My wife and I are following Leicester in the last 2 years because of Schmeichel (she is danish and we live in Danmark) and this year also ´cause of Ranieri, but sometimes I still pronunce Leicester like my fellows citizens. Shame on me! 😉


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