An embarassing and completely mirthless ode to SM Top 100

The boys readying themselves for a night out with ‘Keano’.
Olympiacos. The Legend. A team in a hurry. A team and a manager that just love to win….next Wednesday against Broon’s Fenerbache would be nice!

Hi everyone, I’m Alex the new (ish) manager of Div 5 side Olympiacos.
I arrived at SM Top 100 in March through pure chance. I posted on SM’s facebook page regarding an article in their blog. Beddows replied to my post in the most solicitous manner that had me instinctively checking my back pockets for my wallet. It was still there. My dignity not so much. Like a balding, middle-aged broker at a Vegas convention wearing one of those stupid stickys that you handwrite your name on, and approached by a bottle blonde wearing entirely too much make-up and little else, I was seduced. Easily.
I took one look at SM Top 100 and the blog and that was it. ‘Count me in’, I said, entirely too hastily. And in I was. To Olympiacos, a mid-table team in Div 5 that had previously been relegated. Wonderful.
The squad really wasn’t that bad. But ‘wasn’t that bad’ is a phrase often heard in pubs around Castleford when mates ask you ‘how did it go with that bird with the muffin top last night?’ So there were none of my favourites. No De Rossi, No Alonso, not a whiff of an Alves or a Marchisio. But then I knew that before I took on the job. What there was, was some talent and some scope for growth and rebuilding. 
I’ve been playing SM for 6 years and I can honestly say that SM Top 100 is without question the best GW. It has completely rejuvenated my like of the game which was starting to wane from being under challenged. I’ve fallen in love with my team and this GW. I see Olympiacos as the best and most difficult challenge I have faced in SM and hope to enjoy taking them through the leagues over the next few years.
I’ve sold some players to make way for some higher rated donkeys and I’ve been busy scouting youth talent, such that my youth squad is full to the brim of kids listening to ‘grime’ whilst playing FIFA 16 in between actual games of real life football where they merrily give the ball away with the faux shock of being caught with their fingers in an TOWIE ‘c’ list sleb. The blighters. They’ll go far!
My obsession is such that I’ve started my own blog :
So I’m very serious about completely destroying this fine squad of overpaid, ignorant, nancy boys that will readily cover their face when they’ve been elbowed in the stomach. Haha! Boys will be boys. Bless.
Thank you to Stephen Beddows and Frank Hirst, Scott ‘Broon’ and David Senior and Gursimran and everyone else, all of you that make this GW what it is – a cauldron of deceit, backbiting and ‘mates’ deals. (Chortle), Just kidding about the deceit, hehe. If you’re one of those managers unfortunate enough to have lost 30 games in a row and your team was relegated after 20 games, please, don’t worry – there’s always the AC Milan job available.
Thank you, good day and good luck shaggers!
An overpaid, ignorant, nancy boy.


  1. Great piece & I hear you loud & clear Alex, when I was offered The Legend I thought \”WTF\”, but joining T100 saved me from jacking SM all together & my heart will always be with Olympiacos, it was the biggest wrench of my SM career to take the Valencia job, guess that's why I can't help but haunt you like the ghost of \”Crap Managers Past\” your result is the 2nd thing I look at on a Thurs & Sun, well 3rd thing if the wife up for it = )


  2. Good stuff, Alex – T100 is the GW that's rekindled my SM flame, too. I was playing purely out of habit to the point it'd become a chore apart from EC7046. I can't stand Celtic IRL yet in T100 I nurse them like a child – that's testament to the guys who run this wonderful GW… 🙂


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