Connie Licks Up A Few Achilles Cup Group Facts & Figures

After the completion of the Achilles Cup group fixtures I thought it may be of interest to the stats anoraks among us to compile a few facts and figures so I asked one of our resident statisticians Connie Lingers to go over me, I mean them.

The total attendances for the Group Stage amounted to 108,021 bums on seats, that’s an average of just over 9,000 per game.

The total goals scored throughout the Group was 32 with 14 of these being scored in the first half and for the maths buffs amongst you that means 18 were scored in the second half. On average a goal was scored every 33mins 45seconds of a play.
The highest scoring match being Olympiacos v Galatasaray which yielded 7 goals.
The top goal scorer for the Group Stage was Conca with 3 for Olympiacos which all came in that game against Gala, he is the only player incidentaly to have scored more than 1 goal in a game during the tournament.
Other players who scored more than once in the tournament as a whole were:
Zuculini with 2 for Besiktas
Martinez with 2 for Fenerbahce
Inan & Osman with 2 apiece for Galatasaray
Fortounis, Milivojevic & Pavoletti with 2 each for Olympiacos
The most Man of the Match awards was shared jointly by Zengin of Besiktas and Martinez of Fenerbahce, throughout the tournament Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Olympiacos each had 4 MoM winners whilst Galatasaray didn’t manage to pick up one.

The Pit Bulls of the Group were Besiktas who picked up 11 yellow cards and 1 red, Fenerbahce were the Rottweillers with 9 yellows whilst Galatasaray and Olympiacos share the title of Poodles with 5 yellows apiece.

That’s all for now I may be back to run the rule over Putin later in the month.

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