Disgraceful Scenes Across Spain

Spain is a country that has seen its fair share of violence over recent days, following on from the Easter effigy burnings across Madrid and Barcelona tonight chaos has flared up in another Spanish city.


Vigo is a city described in many guidebooks as “a vast city, but clean and in parts very striking. It is also a location that is attracting an increasing number of tourists with its mix of history, beautiful beaches and a modern cosmopolitan outlook.” 

But it has been nothing of the sort over recent weeks with the discontent towards manager Ryan Chisholm or GNEV2 as the Spanish media have come to label him has led to the mass protests seen above.

It all came to ahead this evening (Tuesday) when Ryan Chisholm and his side left the ground bound for the airport and a trip ironically to one of the men who appointed Chisholm, the Godfather and Master of Corruption himself, Frank Hirst and Genoa.

Ryan Chisholm and Celta’s Home Ground

Chisholm or GNEV2 explained… “As we were pulling out of the ground we were met with Celta fans in their masses, I had no choice but to call Frank and he called in the police to restore order and then all hell broke loose.”

Why Protest?

Chisholm was never the fans choice for the Celta hotseat, but it had been a more outraging when it was announced how Chisholm got the job.

Gameworld Co-owners Frank Hirst and Stephen Beddows

Chisholm was no-other that the cousin of the Gameworld co-owner Stephen Beddows. With the Celta fans already outraged with the club ownership and having to start in Division Four you can imagine their outrage at having the Gameworld owners putting one of their own family members in charge. 

But surely Chisholm has not been that bad?

Ryan Chisholm or GNEV2 has struggled in Spain

Chisholm has struggled immensely in Spain, struggling to adapt to the language, his players clearly not interested in his chopping and changing of tactics every game and the failure to even qualify for the semi-finals of the Copa del Burro has led to ‘chants’ from the Celta fans of “Donkey, Donkey”

It is clear that all is not going well in Spain and Chisholm having taken the side from the play-offs to just above the relegation zone will surely be sacked soon.

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