Hell Breaks Loose

There is no Easter Goodwill in SM Top 100 as with Frank away from his work desk and unable to commit his life to SM war has broken out with Real Madrid manager reacting angrily to ‘some’ managers in SM Top 100.

Scenes across Madrid were shocking this Easter as Roy Keane ordered effigies of his enemies to be burnt in a show of defiance at Madrid’s superiority…

Roy Keane ordered the burning of effigies across Madrid 

And they did not stop there.

Roy Keane called on all of Madrid to declare war on Barcelona

It is clear that SM Top 100 is descending into chaos where surely a simply sharing of Easter Eggs as a goodwill gesture could have prevented such a crisis.

The response in Barcelona was no less measured.

Scenes from Barcelona that followed the Madrid protests

Meanwhile DP 91 was snapped drinking ice tea and relaxing while chaos reigns as he plots his path to Top 100 glory enjoying a nice iced tea with his new friend, PMW.

Mr DP Enjoying an Easter Ice Tea

It reamins to be seen if this crisis will be sloved amicably or if it will be necessary for Frank Hirst to call a Peace Summit which may result in the need for a Peace Treaty.

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