Cehenneme hoşgeldin Broon

Broon was welcomed with a great fanfare  at Istanbul airport by the Fenerbache fans earlier this week as they welcome their 3rd manager in SM Top 100 and hope that this one will be as great as Noisy and Norman, with Norman Little seeing the job as too big he has stepped aside to move to West Brom which will involve a less crippling daily commute as he waits patiently for Mike Ashley to sack current Newcastle boss, Oran Robson.

Broon seen arriving at Istanbul Station

So what do we know about Broon, Mr Broon, or Keyboard Gangster as he has legally changed his name to thanks to a legal loophole introduced by the Scottish government –

He is well-known for his anti-English stance, he explained that on several occasions Diego Maradona is his hero.
He is an avid walker and loves the Scottish highlands where he is regularly seen stag hunting
He was manager of Dortmund but was so poor a motivator that he quit before he could be sacked with the side eventually suffering the humiliating experience of relegation
As a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce on his paternal side and William Wallace on his maternal side it is said that he has more claim to the Scottish throne than one of his personal heroes Nicola Sturgeon.
Nicola Sturgeon in fact back in November upon the birth of Broon’s child granted him and all other new Scottish dad’s extended paternity leave for a period of 4 months (compared to a measly two weeks in England) Hence why he has only now returned to Top 100.

He is addicted to Irn-Bru – Drinking a 24 pact each week

It remains to be seen if Broon is capable of managing a football management career alongside parenthood but the people of Istanbul will be hopeful he can become the first male in history to be able to multi-task!

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