The Return of The Prince!

RSC Anderlecht wasted no time this evening in appointing a legend of SM, Mr Prince Michael William as their new manager.

Indeed Prince Michael William the former Inter Milan manager, who left the Italian giants under a cloud of mystery in December 2015 bound for a period of reflection in confined solitude at a Spanish monastery on the outskirts of Madrid where Roy Keane kindly let the Prince stay alongside his younglings.

With that period of self-reflection now clearly over the Prince has returned to the glorious world of SM Top 100 in Belgium.

“Reflecting on my time away I must state that I learnt alot about self-medication and self-meditation… in fact I found my inner-self in those dark months. It was true the Inter job was a club to big for me and I couldn’t cope with Beddows’ arrival at Milan or the intense pressure of finding DP (Juventus boss) at my doorstep every morning and evening enquiring about my players… the stress was too much but now I am cured.”

The Prince then explained that he had been looking forward to the Belgian Derby against his old friend Mr Gordon Kinnear but is shocked to learn that he has been given the Liverpool job… “What an absurd appointment…” he exclaimed.

Upon his arrival at the club he received many welcome messages from such friends as Josh McMillan, one of PMW’s greatest allies in all SM!

 PMW explained that coming to a club with the name “Royal” in its name was a no brainer and that he is the rightful Prince to take them into battle. He dismissed suggestions that the new Galatasaray manafer, Nathan Prince was more of a Prince than he…

“What codswallop!”

The Prince then was happy to show that in his time of solitude and self-reflection he has lost none of his modesty and vanity, happily displaying a few pictures of himself in the olden days.

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