BREAKING NEWS: Inter Milan pull out of deal to sell Mats Hummels

22:00 Saturday 5th March 2016

Inter Milan who were set to sell Mats Hummels to Bayern Munich have pulled out of the deal, it has been confirmed late on this evening.

The statement from the Bayern Munich Management said: ‘We are sad to announce that Mats Hummels shall not be joining the club.It was further revealed that the Inter Milan management were very unprofessional and unpleasant people, we refuse to deal with them in TOP 100 or any other setup unless they honour the agreement.’

        Gursimran Brar has said they were left ‘angry and pissed off‘ at Inter Milan’s conduct

The German club’s manager Gursimran Brar has confirmed that he got a message from Brian Clough “Sorry had a better offer followed by 4 stupid smileys”, after Mats Hummels had travelled to Bayern Munich for a medical.

Gursimran Brar has launched an attack on Brian Clough, saying the Inter Milan manager is “unprofessional beyond belief”,has an inability to correct a wrong and does not care about being ethical with fellow managers.The Bayern Munich manager has also reiterated the stand of the Management that he will never deal with Inter Milan Manager Brian Clough unless they change their attitude and the way they conduct their transfer business.

He further confirmed that the club shall be making an official complaint to the chairman of the TOP 100, Mr. Frank Hirst and expects some sort of sanctions to be imposed on Inter Milan.

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