Pavarotti Cup

Pavarotti Cup

The illustrious Pavarotti Cup got underway for the first time since the formation of the Top 100 last week, renamed, rebranded & reformatted in order to comply with regional qualification regulations as part of Top 100’s elite cup competition.

The national anthem of Italy was heard at every ground in the country prior to the fixtures & will continue to be used during every Italian sides fixtures so that the late, great Pavarotti can inspire his compatriots to glory! 

Week 1 Roundup

Group A

Udinese v Milan

Perhaps worrying about the tie against Juventus wasn’t the best preparation for Beddows after his Milan side bumbled to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of ‘Almighty’ Attila ‘The Hun’ Olah’s Udinese side whom spared no second thought to the reputations of any sides in the competition. Lead by the future king, Antonio Di Natale, should Udinese fans have it their way, Udinese came from behind after Balotelli had fired his Milan side ahead after 21 minutes. In the post match interview the controversial Beddows stated “that the people of Udine have done what they do best & come from behind” which has landed the manager in a little trouble with the Top 100 FA. In the oppositions post match interviews, gaffer Attila vowed to conquer all opponents & lands put in his way. 2-1

Atalanta BC v Chievo Verona

Sean Cass & his ambitious Atalanta outfit arrived at the Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on Wednesday evening welcoming Chievo Verona & gaffer Patrick D to his 2nd game in Top 100 since his appointment earlier in the week. Although Atalanta dominated most of the game the atrocious sending off of Maxi Moralez for mouthing off at referee Rafael Rafinha after elbowing Chievo’s Dentinho cost his side dearly in a game that teetered out to a 1-1 draw with Mehmedi scoring for Cass’ side before Dentinho, casually shook off the elbow to the boat & banged one in after receiving from S.Bell & dribbling into the box. Both sides will be hoping to pickup more points in week 2. 1-1

Sassuolo v Juventus

Groucho’s merry men in forest green & black got their first home tie of the competition against DP91’s Juve side whom Milan manager Beddows had been caught offering bungs in order to avoid them in the group stage of the Italian regionals only to be told that he need only a dictionary & a map to understand that there was no way Milan could avoid Juventus in the regional group stage. To the Mapei Stadium & a crowd of 7000 out to watch the game which was largely dominated by two fantastic performances between the sticks by MOTM Consigli for Sassuolo & debutant Cillessen for Juventus however Consigli couldn’t prevent Juve’s super sub Patrick Herrmann whom scored 4 minutes after his introduction. Alvaro Morata found himself on the naughty step 24 hours later whilst the rest of the Old Lady went for celebratory spaghetti after the forward was sent off 8 minutes after coming on in the 2nd half. 0-1

Group B

                                                                      SSC Napoli v ACF Fiorentina

Naples played host to Fiorentina in their first fixture of the competition. Napoli manager Rob Ryan insisted that flags were handed out to all Napoli fans for the game bearing the message ‘Vedi Napoli e poi mori!’ a brutal message from a brutal man. The ploy however did strike fear into their opposition faltered however as Mr. Malcolm’s pretty purple pansies proved there is more to football than aggression. In a game of only 4 shots on goal, Florence found themselves finding the net on all 3 occasions they got their shots on target as Arevalo Rios, Pasqual & Rossi got the goals. A fantastic away win for Florence on day one & perhaps Rob’s squad took his Napoli motto to heart rather than that of his opponents. 0-3.

Lazio v Sampdoria

Gav Harmer brought his hammer with him in the game against Hall’s Lazio side & on his way out the door took it upon himself to hook one upon Hall himself in a game that proved to be one of the final blows as Ben took a bow from Top 100 a matter of days later. Lasogga lashed one home for Sampdoria as Lazio were left languishing before Kirchhoff left the left wing side looking for answers to which Hall’s only comeback was ‘ciao bella’ & he by no means was hinting at his hunger for a trip to the restaurant. Sampdoria take all 3 points in a great away victory. 0-2

Genoa CFC v AS Roma

Genoa came away with a generous point in the game against Frankland’s Roma side whom romped away with a rather one sided 59% of the possession in the game. Frank’s Genoa side were brandished ‘fannies’ after the tie due to their ‘soft’ tackling tactics during the game with no pun intended in relation to Frank’s rumoured ‘soft tackle’. Tonelli actually fired Frank’s side into the lead after 62 minutes however Frankland’s side were behind for only 5 minutes as Dzeko punished the fairy like flittering from Genoa’s back 4 from which Fernandez Nacho crumbled to allow the Bosnian to equalise. 1-1

Week 2 Roundup

Group A

Torino v Atalanta BC

Torino took Atalanta to the cleaners in Turin on Wednesday in the outfits first fixture in the Pavarotti Cup. Quagliarella had the Atalanta backline queuing up one after the other as he quarrelled with them leading to a penalty being awarded for their sins which he then put away. After a Mehmedi equaliser, his second goal in 2 games, Quagliarella once again had the Atalanta defence quaking in their boots before firing home his 2nd of the night & threatening a third. Glik gambled on a corner late in the game & the gangly Pole put the tie to bed. Hudson’s post match interview was brief & bold ‘There’s only one team in Turin you tools!’ 3-1

Milan v Sassuolo

Sal’s sassy Sassuolo stole a fairly undeserved point as Beddows Milan side hosted the second tie for both in the Pavarotti Cup. Beddow’s named his brother-in-arms Balotelli captain once again & the barmy Italian brought the Milan fans close to a rare win after he blasted one home after 4 minutes however yet again Beddows ballsed it up by failed to put the final nail in the coffin. Sansone scored a screamer in the second before Sal Groucho’s grumpy nature had gotten to his players which saw Missiroli sent to the stands. 1-1

Chievo Verona v Udinese

Attila’s conquering commandos came up trumps as Patrick D (Donald?) & his Chievo chaps caved under the conquest of Udinese. Chievo were on the comeback trail after equalising  thanks to Elias’ emphatic finish just before half time however Di Natale doesn’t dick about demonstrated true dominion over his pupils & putting his side 2-1 ahead. Bobadilla bashed one into the back of the net moments later before the final whistle ended a waning Chievo’s misery. After Attila’s outstanding performance over Milan, maybe all should be wary of his sides credentials in the Pavarotti Cup this season. 1-3

Group B

Sampdoria v AFC Fiorentina

Harmer’s lads were clearly hungry for more after their heated tie against left-wing Lazio & made light work of finding flaws in Fiorentina’s gameplan despite themselves coming into this tie on the back of a fantastic 3-0 win. Two goals early in the first half, one still undefined as to whom the scorer was as referee Uriah Rennie himself stated that the powers of Uri Geller could be required to put the uncertainty on the scorer to bed.
Mr. Malcolm’s marvellous match day 1 performance could not be matched as mistakes early in the game cost the men of Florence 3 more points. 2-0

AS Roma v SSC Napoli 

Rob Ryan’s woes continued as Roma run away with the points in a tight 1-0 affair in Rome. Edin Dzeko was once again the destroyer of dreams in a game with no side able to dominate on the day despite some R&R from Rob Ryan pre match to try & improve upon the failed ‘Vedi Napoli e poi more!’ message Ryan rambled on about last time out. Frankland’s boys were in dreamland come full time as they took a big 3 points which would send them 2nd in Group B after 2 games, rumour has it Frankland allowed the Roma boys to take in Rhona’s Rangglers as a post match treat, a different type of R&R to what Ryan had in mind pre match that’s for sure… 1-0

Genoa v Lazio

Dodgers diamonds diced up dodgy Genoa in the new gaffers debut performance in the Pavarotti Cup demonstrating that he could be the dream appointment. Frank’s fairies were once again ridiculed for their ‘soft tackles’ during a game in which perhaps some aggressive focus down the right-wing might have been a little more what the doctor had ordered. Frank may now have to do a bit of fiddling in order to find the winning formula to keep his Genoa fans on board, perhaps someone should inform him there isn’t a fair play award for the competition. Llorente left Perrin looking a lemon for the goal that separated the sides. 0-1

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