Fannie to Fannies: The Interviews, number 3 , SON OF PLUTO (Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk)

Son of Pluto

Good afternoon and welcome to another in the series of Fannie to Fannies, where well renowned female slapper, erm I mean female journalist Fannie Licker interviews and maybe shags a manager from the Top 100. Last time out it was Bob Sal who gave us an insight into life at Sassuolo and following that, this week she met with a man of mystery so let’s not waste any more time and I hand you over to the studio where you can have a good look at Fannie.

Hi everybody, Fannie Licker here with another chance to interview one of you boys. If you remember last time then you will remember that I had implants put into my buttocks and they have made sitting down a lot more comfortable, almost like sitting on an air bed and although they have given me piles, that the doctor said will go away shortly, I can’t feel a thing!! This week I decided to go and improve my body even more and decided to get my lips sorted. As you can see below, they have made a great difference and now I will be more confident when I am kissing and when I am sucking. I love sucking on a lollipop and an ice lolly. Mmmmmm. I once sucked a Fisherman’s Friend but to be honest, they are not for me and I thought it tasted very salty at the end.

My lips before and after. What do you think? I luuuuuuv them 🙂

Anyway, on to today’s guest and I have to say, he is a man of mystery. On asking about, no one really knew anything much about him and no one knows his real name, unless of course he actually does use his own name. He is built like a God and many people think that is father was a God. I am, of course, talking about Son of Pluto, the manager of Ukraniian side Dnipro Dnipropro…., Dniproopphv…., Dnipro!!!!!! So let’s start with some details and likes of the man himself.


Full Name: Son Of Pluto
Born: Hades
Height: 6 foot
Marital Status: single
Nickname: Dog of War
Favourite Sports teams: Reading
Favourite food: Souls lightly fried
Favourite drink: Coke
Favourite band/singer: Slipknot
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite animal: Minotaur
Favourite film: Italian Job
Your Car: Astra
Best Friend: Medusa

What phone do you have: Xperia Z5
Best sport to watch: football
What scares you most: Zeus
Phone, iPad or laptop to play SM: Desktop
Embarrassing moment: Went out drinking with Death tried to take Biebers Soul and missed
Ever won anything on the lottery: yep
If you could have any job in the world what would it be: Self employed lottery winner
Who would you most like to meet (dead or alive): Bob Paisley
If you could attend any sporting event in the world what would it be: WC Final

Ok, thanks Mr Pluto and if you are ever going out with Death again, I think Yolanda Squatpump would love to meet him, if you know what I mean  😉   So lets get on with the interview;

FL:  The first question is possibly the one on everybody’s lips. Why do you have the name Son of Pluto? I have three theories, the glamourous one being that you are the son of the God of the Underworld and since you say you were born in Hades then that is probably what you are insinuating. The other theories are that you from the dwarf planet Pluto and you claim to be alien to this world while the last one is that you are the son of Mickey Mouse’s dog. What is behind the mask of the Son of Pluto?

SoP:  The name Son of Pluto has it roots as far back as 1998 when I first started to frequent MSN chat room Grapevine & Rainbow, I just needed to make up a name to join and wanting to stand out a bit I chose a name with a few meanings. The name then stuck as has been used on a different number of websites for 18 years now.

FL:  Your first season in the Top 100 seen you guide Dnipro to the Division 5 title. What was behind this success and were you surprised that you took the title with a very average 66 points, a total that would normally be lucky to make the play offs?

SoP:  I wasn’t surprised we won the title, but the small points tally to win it was a shock, I think it just goes to show the amount of talented managers in Top100 and how close the clubs are matched in the lower couple of divisions.

FL:  A poor start to this season in Division 4 seems to have been put behind you and Dnipro are now starting to pick up some points. What is the target for this season? Is it just survival for this season or do you feel your squad is good enough to be challenging for successive promotions?

SoP:  The target has always been top half of the table and if possible sneak a play-off place, but as stated above almost all of the teams have the same average squad rating so its really anyone’s to win, a decent run for any club could see them take the gold.

FL:   You gave the players that won the Division 5 title a huge vote of confidence by not adding to the squad. Do you think that come the end of the season that you will live or die by this decision or was it the chairman who didn’t give you a vote of confidence and withheld any funds for you to go into the transfer market?

SoP:  I have money in the bank, I just thought the team was good enough to make a run in division 4 and see where it goes from there, I have a nice mix of players on the up and steady eddies that should be good enough for the division 3 as well if we manage to go up again.

FL:  Djordevic seems to be the guy that you look to, to provide the goals in the team. If he was to get injured and be out for a few weeks do you think the team could still get good results without him?

SoP:  Djordevic has been a revelation this season, but we still have Marin who cleaned up in the awards last season and a couple of others who are good enough to step in if the unthinkable happens to Djordevic 

FL:  Dnipro did not enter either the Youth Cup or the Regional Cup. Was this your own decision or was it taken out of your hands? The Regional Cup in particular may have caused problems on and off the pitch with the Russian sides. Was this a political decision? Were the board not happy with the title of The Putin Cup? 

SoP:  My youth team isn’t strong enough to enter the competition and as for the Regional Cup the lads like to leave Ukraine and get a break once in a while so we give them time off to re-energise. Next season though we are aiming to enter the Regional Cup.

FL:  How do you see the future for the team and also yourself? Do you see yourself having a long term involvement with Dnipro or do you have a set time in your head before trying pastures new?

SoP:  I tend to be a stayer and stick by teams. The future is to try and make it to Division 1 but that will take time, I have been around SM for 9 years so don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

S.o.P’s father with the family pet dog

FL:  Finally Pluto, this is standard for all managers, if you could manage any club in the Top 100, who would you choose and why?

SoP:  I would only move for the Liverpool job as that has been my team since childhood, any other club I would regret taking after spending time on Dnipro.

FL:  Thanks Mr Pluto and good luck for the rest of the season. As son of a God you are more than welcome to come and see me in my dressing room and we can have a little drink and then we can ………………….  what? my mike is still on? OMG, well, erm, thanks Mr, erm, Bluto and I will let you get off back to erm, Ukrainia. (nervous laugh)

Ahem, err, well thanks Fannie and Son of Pluto and as we seen, Mr Pluto is still quite secretive about himself and is content to live life in the dark side. That is all for this week. Next week we have another Thursday Blog with Gordon ‘Gino’ Kinnear as we find out what has been happening in his home life and also the problems that currently seem to be surrounding Liverpool at Anfield.
Thanks once again for taking the time to read and I hope you all take care until we meet again. Fannie will be selecting the next manager to face her and her implants, so keep looking at your PM box to see if it is you. Last thing is that for interview number 6, Fannie has decided to give someone a chance to volunteer to be interviewed so if you would like to feature on the blog as one of Fannie’s victims then just drop me a PM and someone will be hand picked for interview number 6. Until then it’s


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