Introducing Ryan Chisholm – A Manager who has learnt from the Best

Controversry tonight in SM Top 100 as Celta Vigo have stolen Ryan Chisholm away from the AC Milan Under 17 side and made him their new manager. 

My Soccer Manager Profile Picture
Ryan Chisholm a graduate from the Stephen Beddows School of Football Management
Chisholm a manager who studied at the Stephen Beddows School of Football Management where he graduated with a 1.1 and an ability to speak Spanish, Swahili and Swedish before cutting his teeth along side top Italian journalist Gino Kinnearo on SM Top 100 Sunday Night football has been likened to Gary Neville, a manager with no experience who is completely unsuitable for a top job…
Roy Keane (Madrid Manager) was so stunned at the appointment that he took his dog out for a walk immediately upon hearing the news and with Beddows and Milan due in Madrid tomorrow for a pointless cup tie refused to speak about Chisholm’s appointment as trying to work out how to beat the parked buses was of more importance.
Meanwhile Gino Kinnearo has been seen in public for the first time since his undercover visit to Sao Paulo where we last saw him visiting Josh McMillan and Robert Downinho.
The Top Italian journalist was adamant that he’d simply had an accident at the airport but that he was more than happy to see a manager as incompetent as Brian Clough appointed as manager of Inter… “Fox was a failure, we all knew this, as was PMW before him… Beddows has outlasted them both and I forsee him outlasting Clough as well…” 
Gino did however want to draw the media’s attention to one comment made by Brian Clough about Roy Keane in his Sunderland days… 
“I only ever hit Roy the once. He got up so I couldn’t have hit him very hard.”

Gino has urged Beddows to hit Keane even harder in tomorrows showdown to ensure he doesnt get up again! Gino claimed that it is without doubt that Keane had something to do with Gino’s injuries sustained in his recent undercover report in South America (see pic above.) 

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