Gursimran Brar: Frank Hirst should hire a sports psychologist for Mattia Perin

Bayern Munich manager Gursimran Brar believes Genoa should hire the services of a sports psychologist to boost the morale of Mattia Perin 

Mattia Perin has been in woeful form since being denied a transfer to Bayern
Its mildly terrifying to contemplate what sort of thoughts are swirling around the mind of Mattia Perin at the present:”Will i ever get a move to my dream club, Bayern? Is Frank Hirst making a move on my girlfriend ? Will i ever be able to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo?
It would be a shame to see Genoa throw away the chance for promotion and quite possibly a Division 4 title charge due to the under performance of one unhappy player. So i would suggest him to get rid of the player or hire a Sports Psychologist.If he decides on the latter, I would recommend former Bayern Sports Psychologist Keisha. 
Keisha achieves an instant impact on the performance of footballers- often within an hour of working with them. 

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