Spanish Civil War

Real Madrid manager Roy Keane has stirred up controversy once again, this time with a withering attack on fellow Spanish side Levante.

When discussing the proposed new national cup competitions, Keane said to the press “So let’s say in Spain, at the mo there is only Real Madrid and Levante. So when I win 8 nil, does that mean Real win the Spanish cup?

Levante boss Parfitt responded thus….

“Firstly, Roy Keane needs to understand that football is a team game. It’s not when I win 8 nil, it’s when WE win 8 nil. Secondly, Keane need only look at the youth cup match last week. He had all of his Billy big Ball’s kids on show, and what happened? A lad we paid Wolves £300k for scored twice and made them look like mugs. A goalkeeper we got cheap off Stuttgart put in a 10/10 performance. The defence & midfield put in a shift and didnt give Real a moment’s piece. The front man, Dani Romera, caused their defence countless headaches. If Keane feels that it is that easy, I’d invite him around to my office for a friendly chat after the youth match at our place. I think we all know how that will end up though.

Keane might be doing ok at the moment, but the fact is, even neil Warnock would struggle not to win the league with that squad. Anybody can take a bunch of superstars and win it all. Here at Levante though, we do it the hard way. One day, I will make this club the biggest club in Spain. The biggest club in Europe, the biggest, most successful club in all of Top 100. Keane, keep an eye out over your shoulder, we are coming for you……..”

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