Derlis Gonzalez signs!

Was not expecting to be posting again a day after my weekly report, but here I am. Rumours were linking us with young Derlis Gonzalez yesterday, and while Rahul W did not distance himself, he is now pleased to announce the signing. He is expected to be travelling today to Villa Park where he will visit the training grounds and the youth team, which he will fit into perfectly. He will be our striking head for the youth and a valuable rotation option for the main team. Unfortunately, we have to let one of our originals, Carles Gil, leave along with 3 mil to Kiev, a hefty price in terms of cash as we are not left with much money. We are still looking for another youth signing in order to bolster the attack of our team. As such, Luka Belic and Courtney Duffus will have to leave in order to let Derlis and another player in.

Derlis will take over the No. 22 currently held by Gil. We hope he will be an inspirational signing for our youth team, and fires us to success. Also like to thank Gil for his efforts and hopes he does well for his new team, as well as the Kiev manager for swift negotiations.

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