First one into the Etihad

Aaron Ramsey is the first man into the revolution going on in the better half of Manchester. Not happy with his midfield options manager Will Trafford had this to say:
“Nasri and Fernando, they aren’t bad but come on they aren’t Champions League are they? I mean if they were at Coventry you will say wow those two are cracking. Nasri would still lose the ball, and his temper, but nether less you would be impressed. But this ain’t no Coventry, this is Manchester City. So out they go. I love Ramsey, he gets the ball, he passes the ball, he scores goals. It is simple stuff an exactly what we are going to do this year.”

Rumour has it that highly rated CB Baumgartl is also on his way, with 5.5 million heading the other way. Having been there previously he had this to say:

“He’s a good lad. Way off the first team, but what can you do. Time should push him through, especially when we have old man Sagna filling in at the back.”

Exciting times for all those on the better half of Manchester.

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