Roy Keane Interview

The Roy Keane Interview about the coming season…

Roy Keane was interviewed by Sky sports Jim White…

Jim. What are your goals for this season.
Keane. To win the lot, everything !  even that mickey mouse youth cup Beddows is sorting out !

Jim. Who are your main rivals for next season, and what do you think about each team. Lets start with Barcelona…
Keane. Well i think there manager Scott Mckenzie is a plank. Who in there right mind sells Neymar, i mean,,,Come on , seriously ! Position – 4th

Jim. Man Utd..
Keane. Since that old f***** retired, i love Utd again .In fact, if Utd needed to beat my team to win the league, id let them. One day that job will be mine, and ill ban every prawn sandwich eating day tripper. Position- 2nd

Jim. Bayern Munich.
Keane. Real Madrid went there and won, For a manager to let his team get beat 8-1 at home, he should of resigned there and then. Shocking ! Look at yourself in the mirror Gursimran Brar ! Position – 7th

Jim. Juventus.
Keane. Are they in division 1, did’nt realize.  If there was an over age Cup, Juventus would win every year. Position – 5th 

Jim. Atletico Madrid
Keane. The Doctor eh  ! Well someone better call him one, cause he needs help with that team , bottom half of table for sure. Position –  13th

Keane. Another team i didnt notice last season, need to do better ! Position – 6th

Jim. Chelsea.
Keane. You mean Chelski Jim ! Cockney team yet again the Capital of failure ! Position 8th

Jim. Ac Milan
Keane. This will be Beddows last season in charge, he will be sacked at the end of the season after finishing in the bottom 2. He will then  get a division 5 job and take Ballotelli with him !  
Position – 20th

Jim. Man City
Keane. I predict the camel jockeys will pull out of Man City and they will change the name of the stadium to the ” Empty-had”. Relegation for City ! Position – 19th

Jim. Lyon.
Keane. Oh the mad Giovanni Cabrioli ! Ive had around 10 loan bids for my youth players off him. Each time an abusive message in reply when i declined each loan.” VAFFANCULO!” was his favourite word. Position – 18th

Jim. Liverpool
Keane. No chance ! There’s more chance of Ac Milan winning the treble Jim.Position -10th

Jim. Some people might think you come across arrogant Roy.
Keane. I wouldnt say im arrogant Jim, just better that the rest thats all.

Jim. I noticed Real Madrid havent made a Marque signing this season.
Keane. Its well documented i was looking to offload Lewandowski, so i could push Neymar up front. But then i thought f*** it. Im going to make those managers who put in embarrassing bids for Lewandowski pay, and regret not signing him. Im going to try and play Neymar and Lewandowski up front. I’ll experiment with playing both of them against a small club first, like Ac Milan .
Ive got to go now Jim, ive got a 6 pointer against Atletico Madrid sunday.

Jim. A six pointer, the season has’nt started yet, so why do you call it a 6 pointer Roy !
Keane. Its beacause Real Madrid are guaranteed to get 6 points home and away against Atletico Jim.

Interview all done in good faith lads 😉

All the best for Season 2 in the best gameworld in SM…


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