Manager of the Season

A big thank you to everyone for a very successful first Season in Top100 and an even better Season 2.

The results for Manager of the Season for each of the 5 Divisions is as follows…
In joint 2nd place for Division 5 Manager of the Season are 2 managers (both with 13%) that both got promoted in a very tight challenge for the Title with Montpellier’s Rob Ryan, who has since taken over at Division 2 playoff runners up, Napoli and Béla Guttmann of AZ, who’s inspirational signing of Dirk Kuyt was a big help in getting them across the line. The winner with 63% of the vote was eventual Division 5 Winners, son of pluto of Dnipro.
Division 4’s 3rd placed Manager of the Season was Frank Hirst of Genoa with 21%, losing out in the Cup final to Spurs and losing out to eventual playoff winners, Bordeaux in the playoffs. 2nd place was Division 4 Champions Besiktas and their coach David Inglis with 25% and the winner was Bob Groucho of Sassuolo, although he didn’t win the league, he gained promotion and probably played the best football as was seen by Magnanelli & Berardi winning the Division 4 player awards.
Division 3 saw 3 managers tie in 3rd place with Robérto Downinho of Internacional, although he got relegated, he got the Brazilians to a cup final against Real Madrid. Also in 3rd place was Rahul W of Aston Villa, who just missed out on the playoffs in a tight division, but will be looking to step it up again for next season. john vinicombe of playoff winners, Boca Juniors was also joint 3rd. 2nd place was Greg Owen of Lokomotiv Moscow who exceeded expectations by gaining automatic promotion to Division 2. But the winner with a whopping 79% of the vote, was Brian Clough of Sunderland, who beat off some very stiff competition by winning the Title with Pirlo & Gerrard running the Midfield and both making it into the Division 3 TOTS.
In Division 2, 3 managers took 2nd place with Damian Colautti of St Etienne, probably 1 of the weakest sides in Division 2 on paper, Damian helped them secure Division 2 survival. Houdini Smiff of Sporting CP just missed out on promotion, but again exceeded expectations and finally, Mister Malcolm of Fiorentina also came in 2nd place, securing top flight football for the Firenze. 1st place was a no brainer, Noisy of Fenerbahce led the Division 2 ladder from the off and deservedly came away with 88% of the vote, but a bigger test now awaits at the summit of Top100.
In 3rd place for Manager of the Season in Division 1 was  Giovanni Cabrioli of Lyon, with possibly the weakest squad in Division 1, he kept them afloat in the top tier. 2nd place was Roy Keane, runner up in the League and winner of the Shield got Keane 19% of the vote, but deserved winner with 70% of the vote was Joe Jordan of Manchester United, masterminding them to the League Title in Season 1 of Top100.

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  1. A 3rd spot for Vinicombe of Boca Juniors in division 3…..highly commended if I say so myself, 🙂 the small and relative low rated squad did well with the superstar of the team Mr Tevez being the icing on the creative cake,so to speak…..Mr Tevez has moved onwards for a substantial sum of cash that Vinicombe has spent diligently to widen the all argentinian squad into a multi national cohesion of worldly mavericks….we look forward to steaming thru the opposition in division 2 next season in the marvelous TOP 100.


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