Kinnearo Hits Back at the Authorities

Only Two days ago Mister Malcolm’s Fiorentina were awarded ITALIAN TEAM OF THE YEAR at a lavish ceremony in Rome much to the disgust of Top Italian journalist Gino Kinnearo…

Kinnearo refused to acknowledge the Fiorentina players as they were “undeserving”

“In all my many many years of journalism I have never seen such bull crap! To give DP second place as well when he failed to get Juventus top 4 is a joke, he shouldn’t have been top 10.”

“As for Mister Malcom… like I said many weeks ago he is a blind, sad old man who does not understand the meaning of the word success… how many pieces of art did he sell to get given that award by the ITALIAN FOOTBALL WRITER ASSOCIATION, an organisation so corrupt that it makes Blatter and Platini look like politicians who have been caught fiddling their expenses for a 5 mins taxi ride!”
Kinnearo then went on to explain his own choices for Italian managers of the year and launched a staunch defence of Beddows’ Milan who in the last game of the season opted to do the charitable thing in the 2ndhalf against City rivals Inter.
Kinnearo’s Top 3 Italian Managers:
3. Sean Cass (Atalanta) – “I have a lot of time for Sean, his dedication to Bergamo is admirable and has nothing to do with its proximity to the airport and the cheap Ryanair flights home to see the Mrs every evening… Sean for me is like a fine Lombard wine and we have spent many a bottle discussing the inabilities of his other Italian based managers, like failure Hirst, dreadful DP, miserable football Malcolm and many others for me he is 3rd.
2. Stephen Beddows (Milan) – “There were no other contenders for 2nd place.”
1. Stephen Beddows (Milan) – “Beddows has performed amazingly since arriving from Zenit and his role in war-torn Syria, he has had some odd results and some remarkable ones and has successfully led his side to qualification for SMFA football next season – Well done Beddows.
The Inter defeat: (Milan 1 Inter 2)
Before the match it was billed as Beddows v Fox, the Milan Derby, a game that would determine the season of both sides, with Milan keen on securing a top 10 finish and Inter trying to save themselves from the drop… Beddows has been ruthless since arriving at Milan with the style of attacking, never say die football not seen in the world since the days of Puskas and the great Hungarian side of the 1950’s and so it began with Milan dominating the first half, 75% possession, Matteo Di Sciglio giving Milan the lead after only 6 minutes and it continued…
Fox’s Inter were likes foxes to the slaughter as Beddows’ dogs led by the insatiable Balotelli hounded Fox’s back line, there was surely no hope as the Rossneri would not give up the hunt, Bacca and Bertolacci both coming close to the decisive kill…
On the touchline Fox was visibly worried by this show of brilliance from Beddows and Milan and was clearly close to throwing in the towel and resigning there and then, with tears beginning to roll down his cheek and the other results not looking favourable Fox had to be held up by his assistant and was clearly relieved when the half-time whistle went…
HALF-TIME Milan 1-0 INTER (Inter relegated at this point).
That half-time team talk which Beddows publically admitted to afterwards was more than a show of compassion, more than a peace offering, it was a show of humanity… “When I saw Fox on the touch-line, I knew he wouldn’t cope with relegation, I knew that he might take his own life if it had happened… and as such I instructed my dogs to lay off Fox’s side and let them win…”
And so it was a second half played in the right spirit, the genius that is Beddows on the touchline delighted to see Inter pull back into the game, knowing that Top 10 was secured and Inter would be save and Fox would not die today… “Maybe next season…”  He added post match.
It is this approach to management and show of respect for his fellow manager that makes Beddows stand head and shoulders above the rest. This is why he is No 1…
In other news Gino Kinnearo has announced that he will be there to watch his Scottish cousin, Gino Kinnear tonight as Club Brugge look to secure promotion.
By Gino Kinnearo

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