Youth Cup Hype

The Inaugural Youth Cup will kick off next week. Much hype about it. To add to things, it came full with the live sponsored draw by the Kinnearo Company and AC Milan. Beddows was in charge of handling the draw, and some really high-class work done there. With Justin Bieber crooning away, Villans were nervous as to whether we would draw one of the big youth teams but luckily we got a decent draw with an equally good team, Atalanta, managed by one of the three Managers of the Quarter, Sean Cass. Nervous times, but luckily we will be playing at home.

However we have a job to handle in the League and we will face Ajax and Stoke first. Last 9 games of the season, time to kick on for promotion! First-choice team will line up against the Dutch.

Meanwhile, some new transfers made in view of the Youth Cup and the various holes we had. Hadergonaj, Forster-Caskey, Selnaes and Fraser are some 82-83 rated kids brought in to strengthen the team. Also Duffy and Turnbull came in, in fact Turnbull was languishing in the alleys of China betting on Aston Villa winning D3 when I called him to join. He was so happy he left the bet and ran to England. Oh well, I have told him to go and collect his money once the season is over.

That’s the round-up for this week. Hopefully I can do a preview of the game against Atalanta next week. Cheers!

Come on you Villans!

Turnbull signs the contract which releases him from the Chinese ordeal 

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