Good afternoon guys and welcome to the second Thursday blog. Now before I start, I had a look at last week’s first of the series and I couldn’t help feeling, that the way I started with ‘Hello everybody’, made me sound like Dr Nick Riviera from The Simpsons. Every time I see it now I hear his voice. Trust me, I am nothing like the character.
This week has been all about going back to work after being on holiday for two weeks. Three mornings of 4am rises has certainly worn me out. Ok, the half past three finish is good and my plan is always to go back to bed for a couple of hours but it never works out that way and before I know it it’s 9pm and I need to go to bed if I am going to get a decent sleep before work the next day however with the wife liking the TV to be on, I usually only manage about 4-5 hours sleep. The good thing is that my rest days are today and Friday and there is no one else in the house except the dogs and I can do as I please. I can even walk around the house naked if I want and put on some swing music to go with it haha. I don’t by the way, honest.

I mentioned the dogs there. We have six dogs, five poodles, of which 1 is a standard and 4 are toy, and a pug, which really belongs to Elise. At the moment we have four pups also, that were born on October 27. I only remember that because they were born on my birthday. Typical that, my birthday and I am not the centre of attention. I will have to become a diva to get some I think. Anyway, the four toy poodle pups were sold within nine days, probably because their date for going away to new homes was December 22, just in time for Christmas. At £750 a pup, that’s a cool 3 grand, which almost pays for our holiday next year. This is our fifth, maybe sixth, litter of pups from the different dogs (bitches) and they generally pay for our holiday each year.
This week I have been in the middle of a fall out between my wife, Alison, and eldest daughter, Elise. They really rub each other up the wrong way and being in the middle is one of the most frustrating things ever. They are both as stubborn as each other but, to be honest, Elise can be very annoying. Nothing is ever her fault. There is an excuse for everything. Alison thinks Elise does nothing around the house (pretty standard around the world if you ask me) while Elise thinks that no one else does so why should she. The kids all have jobs around the house and to be honest, they are pretty shit at their jobs. I don’t know how many times I have spent my day off tidying around the house because of their failings. Alison is way too uptight though and needs to chill. Every house, I am sure is untidy at some point, and if everyone in the house works then it becomes very difficult to keep it tidy. Throw six dogs into the mix then I am sure you know where I am coming from. We used to have a cleaner who would come in twice during the week but she seemed to spend more time talking on her phone so we got shot of her. Anyway, as I have told them, I don’t want involved in their fall outs, they can sort it themselves.
Last week I said I would ask the family if I was allowed to put their picture on here. The kids said they didn’t mind but Alison and one of the toy poodles said no. So I can now properly introduce you to the two girls this week with Elise being the top picture and Janene being the bottom.

As for my girlfriend, I haven’t seen much of her in the last week as she has increased her part time working hours for the lead up to Christmas. Can’t say I blame her. She has a 4 year old daughter and always does the best she can for her. It’s one of the things I admire in her. It’s not easy bringing up a kid almost on your own but I help her when I can without making it too obvious to my family. Here is a pic of her with her unhappy looking daughter lol.
That will do for my real life for this week. Hopefully the week ahead will be argument free but if it isn’t then you will here about it as I use this page to relieve my stress haha. It has to be good for something.
Back in the world of the Top 100 and over the last seven days Club Brugges have played two games. The trip to Argentina to play Independiente finished 0-0 with the two goalkeepers having a good game. It wasn’t very entertaining for the fans with both clubs opting for just one man up front and it was evident that neither club wanted to lose with them both involved in the race for at least a play off place. We had the best of the possession and created a bit more but the finishing was below standard and I would like to put it down to not having our top scorer, Pabon, available but other players have to step up to the plate and show what they can do. When we got home from Argentina, as I said last week, I had to take care of strippergate and in the end, Javier Aquino and Stephen Beddows were both fined two weeks wages. Aquino was the main instigator of strippergate and Beddows was fined because, well just because. On Sunday, we played mid-table outfit Dinamo Zagreb from Croatia. Dinamo boss, Henry Prudden, has been around for a few years now and his experience made sure that this would be a tough game. I have known Henry for a while now and he is a tremendous competitor but he has gone quiet recently and I haven’t spoke to him for ages. Anyway, as expected, he had his team up for this one and although we were slightly the better side, the game finished 1-1 with Hans Vanaken scoring our goal. I was quite annoyed with the boys as they switched off when Hans put us in front and paid the penalty with Zagreb immediately equalising. I don’t know how many times I have told them to concentrate after scoring but it seems to fall on deaf ears. A big blow in that game was the injury picked up by right back Thomas Meunier. A pulled calf muscle means he will miss 3 to 4 games and he will certainly be missed.
Tonight we are back in South America to play Santos. I mean, what is that? We were in South America last Thursday and then we have to fly back for a home game and then they send us back to South America again. No wonder my players are knackered. The fixture planner needs a good kick up the arse for his fixture planning. Anyway, we take on Santos and their manager Stewart Lauder. I don’t know Stuart and as far as I know, this is the first time I have played him away from home. When we played in Belgium, it was a 4-3 win to Santos so he is a dangerous player. Hopefully I can extract some revenge tonight but it will be tough without Meunier organising our back 4 or 5. At least Pabon is back to lead the attack and hopefully he can add to his 11 goals this season.
I am delighted to report that the players have trained hard this week and they are all focused on trying to attain one of they 3 automatic promotion spots, especially since Anderlecht occupy one of they places. As you can see, it is tighter than a camel’s ass in a sandstorm with many teams still in with a good chance of at least a play off place
Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 No Change Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk 29 16 3 10 68 56 12 51 Won GameLost GameWon GameLost GameDrawn GameLost Game
2 No Change Montpellier HSC 29 13 7 9 45 33 12 46 Won GameDrawn GameLost GameWon GameWon GameLost Game
3 Moved Up RSC Anderlecht 29 14 4 11 47 40 7 46 Lost GameLost GameLost GameDrawn GameWon GameWon Game
4 No Change CLUB BRUGGE KV 29 13 7 9 48 46 2 46 Lost GameWon GameLost GameWon GameDrawn GameDrawn Game
5 Moved Down Dynamo Kyiv 29 14 3 12 45 39 6 45 Won GameDrawn GameWon GameLost GameLost GameLost Game
6 Moved Up AZ 29 13 5 11 55 51 4 44 Lost GameWon GameWon GameDrawn GameDrawn GameWon Game
7 Moved Down Gareth Crisp São Paulo FC 29 12 7 10 50 40 10 43 Lost GameLost GameWon GameDrawn GameLost GameLost Game
8 Moved Up River Plate 29 11 10 8 52 45 7 43 Won GameDrawn GameLost GameWon GameWon GameWon Game
9 Moved Down Independiente 29 12 7 10 40 38 2 43 Won GameWon GameLost GameDrawn GameDrawn GameDrawn Game
10 Moved Down Rubin Kazan 29 12 6 11 46 37 9 42 Won GameLost GameLost GameWon GameDrawn GameLost Game
11 Moved Up Flamengo 29 11 8 10 53 52 1 41 Lost GameWon GameWon GameDrawn GameLost GameWon Game
12 Moved Up Santos FC 29 11 8 10 50 55 -5 41 Won GameWon GameWon GameDrawn GameWon GameWon Game
13 Moved Down Dale Piero ™ FC Augsburg 29 11 7 11 42 40 2 40 Lost GameWon GameLost GameLost GameWon GameLost Game
14 No Change Henry Prudden Dinamo Zagreb 29 11 6 12 33 42 -9 39 Lost GameLost GameWon GameWon GameLost GameDrawn Game
15 Moved Up Standard Liège 29 10 8 11 40 44 -4 38
Won GameLost GameWon GameLost GameDrawn GameWon Game

We have entered into the new Top 100 Youth Cup and have been handed a home draw against Borussia Dortmund Youth managed by Lee Reynolds. Being a first division club, Dortmund have much better resources than we do as Brugges and we will have our work cut out to win that one. Another problem we have is that we only have six youth players. I have my backroom staff working on bringing in enough youths to field a team and I also know a couple of boys that live down the road from me who will probably play if their mum allows. I must give a mention to organiser Stephen Beddows, who made the draw live on the blog. He done a tremendous job with his running commentary but I think he has to have a word with his cameraman, who had obviously been on the drink beforehand. The camera tended to drift to other things and there was certainly some indiscipline behind the scenes.
Our captain, Oscar Duarte has been the subject of an £8m bid from AC Milan. At Brugges we don’t hold any player back and if Oscar wants to go to Italy then we won’t stop him. Preferably we would like to keep him for the rest of the season but if we can find a replacement then he is free to go. He is currently thinking over the offer and will tell us over the next couple of days.
Overall, its been a quiet week in Belgium as the country recovers from being mixed up in the atrocities in Paris a couple of weeks ago but we hope to put on a good show tonight in Brazil and bring home the points to strengthen our promotion bid. The players are knackered but I know they will find the strength to impress me.

Well that’s it for this week. Maybe a bit short on humour but I am not in that place today with so many things going on in my mind. However, I hope you enjoyed the read and I will be back next week with another view on the past week. Thanks for reading.


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