Inter coach PMW took time out from his Vogue photo shoot to talk to Tutosports Gino Ginelli, second cousin, twice removed (but got back in again), to the outspoken news hound Gino Kinnearo and strongly refute the allegations printed this week in the La Gazetta della sport that he

’is more of a playboy than a manager, he cares more about his Gucci and Versace’

Off course I care about Gucci and Versace, how could we cope without these two talented players?

Not a good manager? Well let me tell you something Mr Kinnearo, on the day that was printed we traveled to Portugal, well the team travelled, I had a moustache oiling appointment that couldn’t be moved, anyway, we won 4-0, so there and yeah, shows how much you know Mr kinnearo, Stevie Wonder isn’t blind, he just wears cool sunglasses.

PMW treated Gino Ginelli to a session at his local health club sort of place

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