Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights


Thursday night marks the second clash of the season of AC Milan & Juventus the 2 Italian flagship sides in the new league format of football ‘Top 100’ with the 2 sides sitting pretty in comparison to counterparts Internazionale & AS Roma whom currently face relegation as Division 1’s 19th & 20th placed sides respectively.

Juventus are the leading Italian side currently in the standings as was to be expected at the start of the season however the season has debatably been a very mixed one with the Old Lady losing almost as many games as they have managed to win. 

 Milan have undergone another campaign of change with the club once more seeing more than one head coach take on the once prestigious task of chasing titles with the Rossoneri. New head coach Stephen Beddows, Russian sympathiser & believed communist has endured a torrid time since taking over at Milan & has amassed a record of 4 losses, 3 draws & only the 2 wins which some believe must improve otherwise heads will roll & be shipped back to Russia. 

Beddows for the chop!?

Juventus boss DP has claimed that the Old Lady are ready to take another 3 points from Milan this season after their 2-0 win early in the season over previous gaffer ‘Sir Simone’ whom DP claimed was at least up to the challenge of taking the Rossoneri forward.

“Simone had class, he did however come into some luck in the transfer market with some decent investments, whilst also shifting some deadweight & gravediggers from the squad. Beddows has managed to undo it so far by bringing in hyped up & overrated players into his team looking for quick success which he’s thus far failed to achieve.

Balotelli is possibly the biggest joke in professional football, diamond engraved boots, haircuts the local yobs haven’t the cojones to walk the streets with, but the lad can party, maybe he’ll throw one after the game to celebrate a Juve win & the end of Beddows tenure as Milan head coach”

Shots fired by DP

With the first season of the new format of Top100 almost two thirds through, Juventus are sitting on the edge of the clubs aim for the season to finish within the top 4 league positions, currently 3 points adrift which at the very least DP is very confident of picking up in the upcoming fixture. 

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