Club Brugge v Anderlecht Manager Interviews

Club Brugge climb to 3rd place while Anderlecht fall to 7th in Division 5 after Club Brugge to do the double over Anderlecht in a very dominant performance. After the game we had a world with the 2 managers.

MIKE HUNT: Mr Muja, first of all unlucky on your derby defeat. You looked to get off to a flyer with Joel Campbell’s early goal. Did the goal come too early?

MR MUJA: In my opinion a goal can never come too early. But after you gain the lead, you have too control the game, stay focused and most of all, keep playing your football. And we just didn’t do that.

MH: You set out to attack, which backfired today, do u regret attacking a very strong defensive outfit?

MM: I’ve always had an attacking philosophy and i always will. Plus, we have great history at this club. Great history and an amazing group of supporters. An attacking style suits us well, it’s what the fans want, it’s what i want and it’s what has been getting us a lot of wins. So, no, i don’t regret this at all.

MH: You still occupy the final playoff place, what is your target for the rest of the season?

MM: Well, we suffered a tough blow in this derby loss. It’s a blow we have to recover from and we have to do it quickly. There’s a lot of games left and a lot to play for. Of course, our aim is to gain promotion, but i had a timetable of three years in my mind for that goal. I didn’t expect us to be where we are today. But, in football, as in life, you have to seize the day. So maybe this is our chance to clinch a playoff spot and gain promotion straightaway. We’ll have to play our best football to reach that goal, though. And we can’t afford slipups like in our last game.

Next we caught up with the winning manager, Gordon ‘Gino’ Kinnear.

MH: Gino, congratulations on the win. What did you say to the boys at half time at 1-nil down?

GK: I told them not to panic. Apart from the goal, they had not given us any problems. Keep playing the way you are and the goal will come. I told Melgarejo to push up down the left as I sensed they were struggling down that side. Decided to go 3-5-2 by bringing Victor Vazquez and Javier Acquino to strengthen the middle of the park and try over run them in midfield. Once we got the equaliser I thought we had it in the bag and Pabon came up with the winning goal, and not for the first time.

MH: A couple of knocks for Pabon & Claudemir in quite a rough affair, will they be back for your short trip to Liege on Thursday?

GK: Both will be back training tomorrow. Claudemir took a thigh knock and Pabon took a kick to the ankle that the referee missed. In fact the referee seemed to miss most things except for booking two of our guys. Both players will be touch and go for Liege on Thursday and we certainly won’t risk either of them if there is any doubt.

MH: That now makes it the double over Anderlecht in the derbies, not only bragging rights in work but that also lifts you into the automatic promotion places. Do you think you can go on and secure promotion?

GK: We have a talented bunch of players here but they know that there is no pressure on them this season to earn promotion. Do I think we can secure promotion? Yes of course but it is not an expectation. We have already done better than we had planned for as the season was all about building a side that can grow together and make progress every year so promotion and even a play off place will be a bonus.


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