Noisy says No to Bavaria

Fenerbahce boss Noisy got a call on Monday asking him whether he would like to take on the task of Bavarian Giants Bayern Munchen as the Club had sacked there inconsistent manager after a lack of activity at the Club.
After a long and hard think and a check on the Munchen squad to see they had been decimated and now contained divas like Hazard and Ronaldo quickly made my mind up.
It was a straight forward easy NO… We are focused on getting Fenerbahce into Division 1.
Our current form is remarkable to say the least with the Club winning 16 of the last 17 games and currently on a 13 game winning streak which sees us sit 10 points clear at the top of the League and also still in Round 3 and Round 4 of the Cup competitions.
Next up we face Putin wannabe Beddows Zenit side and since his famous dig at our prestigous club Zenit have gone backwards with some even calling for Beddows head.
The bubble will burst at some point but for the moment we shall just enjoy it.

Fenerbahçe Hadi gidelim

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