Roy Keane’s pre match press conference…

Roy Keane’s pre match press conference…

Roy Keane has been speaking before the Home match against Liverpool… ” After the defeat against Juventus i kept the players in the dressing room for 3 hours. And one by one i give each player a f******.
Its not acceptable at the second biggest club in the world. I expect each player to go onto the pitch, and be willing to die for this club. Things had to change. I have banned cars from the training ground, and bus passes were issued. These players are no better than the average working man.  Double training was booked, diets were changed, so no more of that f****** paella crap.  From now on pie and chips and a few pints after training and before each game from now on. Like the good old days.  It didnt do me, Robbo and Whiteside any harm did it. Fergie didnt have a clue, what does he know. I won him all them trophies.
 The away win at Bayern Munich was what i expect every week whilst im in charge. The only thing i will say about that game, is Neymar and Bale got the full treatment after the game for not completing there hat trick’s. “
Madrid welcome Liverpool to the Bernabeu on sunday, and we all know keano is not a lover of the scousers. So he rang a Liverpool radio station !!!
Roy keane rings up liverpool radio station…..Do not listen if easily offended…

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