Putin Power!

Beddows spoke to the press earlier before departing from East Midlands airport for tonight’s away match for Zenit v Marseille when he spoke openly about a recent meeting that he’d been invited to by his now good friend, Mr Putin along with some of Mr Putin’s special friends.

Beddows said it was a great honour to go out to dinner with Putin and his friends

“Vlad is a top bloke… we chatted a little about politics, a lot about football and his personal love of Zenit and he reminisced about his away trips back in the Soviet League days with the lads back in the day to Donetsk, Tbilisi and Kiev and how he’d much like to see them playing in the Soviet league again… He inivited me out to his country place in a couple of weeks as well, I might go… see his bears, ride horseback, all those Russian things you know…”

Beddows then departed as the Ryanair flight was making its last call and he gathered his things and pulled Hulk away from a argument with a baggage handler which was in all honesty about to turn slightly green and nasty… and off they went…

Here is what happened next…

Marseille (1) Zenit (2)

Zenit up to 2nd!

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