At the Live Pre match press conference against Juventus, Roy Keane said..
“Just because you are paid £120,000-a-week and play well for 20 minutes against Dortmund, you think you are a superstar,” Keane said. “The younger players have been let down by some of the more experienced players. They are just not leading. There is a shortage of characters in this team. It seems to be in this club that you have to play badly to be rewarded. Maybe that is what I should do, put my boots on and  Play badly. But i can tell you this, if those players dont change there attitude and start to do there job, ill make them f****** come to training on the f******* bus with the fans , and they can tell them what they think of them.  I expect 3 points tonight in the Champions league, and a good performance or the door gets locked after the match in the dressing room and ill sort those f****** out. “

Real Madrid have issued an apology  to all the viewers on Real Madrid Tv for any offence caused by the language used in this live interview …

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