Big Bertha Sign’s The Good Doctor

In what can only be described as a coup for the club, Hertha BSC have captured The Good Doctor Fox. The young, experienced manager has ventured in many leagues and game worlds but, over the past 12 months, his passion has waned and he almost bowed out of management altogether. We caught a word with Fox who, in a heartfelt, emotionally fueled interview expressed that

“There are important factors than dictate all aspects of ones life and, for a time, some of those factors far overruled my tenure as a Soccer Manager. I went into somewhat obscurity and resigned from a lot of game worlds but I believe I am starting to gain my passion back again and it is in no small part to Mr. Hirst, his ability to run a game world is second to none and his commitment is admirable. 

Hertha looked like a tremendous opportunity to try out a new style of management that focuses only on what I look for in a player, not buying for the applause of another manager, or to make it seem that I have an unlimited scouting knowledge. I don’t.
I know the players that I know, and I don’t want to depend on Google to dictate who I sign. I sign players who I believe can do a job and who I know the in’s and out’s of. This will be a bold, unconventional and perhaps mocked strategy but I believe this will be best for Hertha and much more exciting.”

Big Bertha – Hertha Chairwoman 

It wasn’t just Frank Hirst who talked Fox into coming out of semi-retirement, Hertha Chairwoman, Big Bertha, also raised his eyebrows. Which has sparked a lot of media speculation and rumour as to an alternative reasoning Fox agreed to the proposition.

“Big Bertha is a saint and I will have nothing said against her. She made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, Lord bless her. I don’t know where these rumours came from. All I know is that she is a strong-minded woman who knows what she is doing in more ways than one!”

Right to Left: Glen Johnson and Tim Howard both signed last night.

It seems that Big Bertha wasted no time in providing “The Good Doctor” with funds to sign players that adhered to his aforementioned philosophy either, Glen Johnson and Tim Howard both passed medicals last night and the club look set for more activity as Fox looks to strengthen with a central defender and a striker.

“I have two players in mind who I want to bring in and indeed and offer has been made for one of them. Big Bertha has been generous with the transfer kitty so I could bring Glen and Tim in but I don’t want her well to run dry. I may need to offload one or two to progress but I am very optimistic we can get the wheels turning for my new strategy before that start of the season.”

Hertha BSC have their first game of the season on Sunday 16th August at home to Hamburger SV.

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