Youth Cup Draw- S8

Here are the average player ratings of all teams currently entered into the Youth Cup for Season 8 The ratings are calculated by averaging the ratings of the best ten outfield players and the best available goalkeeper, all 21 or under as of 1st November 2018

Group A

A1 Juventus 87.6  
A2 Benfica  86  
A3 Bayern Munich 85.1  
A4 Atletico Madrid 85  

Group B
B1 Genoa 84.4  
B2 Real Madrid 84.2  
B3 Borussia Dormund 84.1  
B4 Anderltecht 83.6  
Group C
C1 Man City 83.3  
C2 Stoke City 83.2  
C3 Barcelona 82.5  
C4 Chelsea 82  
Group D
D1 Flamengo 81.9  
D2 Newcastle 81.9  
D3 Napoli 80.9  
D4 Southampton 80.8  
Group E
E1 Celta 80.5  
E2 River Plate 80.4  
E3 Dynamo Kiev 80.3  
E4 Club Brugge 80  
Group F
F1 Sassulo 80  
F2 PSV 79.8  
F3 Sevillia 79.7  
F4 Liverpool 79.6  
Group G
G1 Werder Bremen 79.5  
G2 Inter  79  
G3 Lyon  78.8  
G4 Monchengladbach 78.6  
Group H
H1 Swansea 78.1  
H2 AC Milan 78  
H3 Independiente 77.9  
H4 Malaga 77.5  
Goup I
I1 Boca 77.4  
I2 Rubin Kazan 77.3  
I3 Torino 77.1  
I4 Beskitas 77  
Group J
J1 Basel  76.9  
J2 Fiorentina 76  
J3  Tottenham 75  
J4 West Ham  74  

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