Welcome to the Top100 World Club Cup Final! Arsenal and Porto face off in what promises to be an exciting match. The tactical mastermind Heath Brown leads Arsenal, while the passionate Andre Guerra manages Porto.

Kick-off at the packed stadium sees both teams evenly matched in the opening minutes. However, it’s Arsenal who make the first move as Sadio Mane receives the ball from Belloli Raphinha, but scuffs his shot towards the goal. Ederson tips the ball to safety, denying Arsenal the early lead.

Porto responds with a counter-attack led by Felix, who plays a pass to Harry Kane. Kane takes a shot, but it goes wide of the post, failing to trouble the Arsenal goalkeeper. However, just a few minutes later, NKunku plays a pass to Kane again. Kane gets a delicate flick and it’s a GOAL!! – the ball is well placed and creeps just inside the post, giving Porto the lead at the 20th minute.

Arsenal tries to bounce back and manages to create chances, but Porto’s defense holds strong. Jorge Koke links up with Mane, who unleashes a powerful shot at the 24th minute, but Ederson dives to the side and makes the save. Just a minute later, Gvardiol links up with Kane. Kane hits it first time, and it looks like it’s going in, but Szczęsny makes a crucial save for Arsenal.

As the clock ticks towards half-time, the action intensifies, and the tension in the stadium rises. The ball deflects out for a corner to Arsenal at the 37th minute. Raphinha swings the ball into the box, and Mane has an attempt at goal, but the keeper gets a hand to it and pushes the ball clear of the goal. At the 42nd minute, it’s a foul, and Arsenal gets a free kick. Casemiro curls the cross in front of the goal, and Mane has an attempt at goal. Ederson makes an early dive, manages to keep it out, and keeps Porto’s lead intact.

The first half ends with Porto leading 1-0. Arsenal starts the second half with renewed vigor and determination. Koke receives the ball from Raphinha at the 52nd minute and elects to side-foot rather than go for power. It’s a GOAL!! – Ederson can’t react in time, and the ball ends up in the back of the net, leveling the score for Arsenal.

Porto tries to regain the lead and create chances, but Arsenal’s defense proves to be formidable. Lindstrom plays the ball to Hernandez Rodri at the 89th minute, and Rodri has an ambitious shot. The ball is out of the reach of the keeper but sails just wide.

90 minutes end with both teams level at 1-1, sending the match into extra time. The stadium erupts in excitement as fans cheer on their teams. In the fictional extra time, Arsenal takes the lead as Sadio Mane scores 2 brilliant goals, giving Arsenal the advantage. Porto replied with one of their own and tried to mount a comeback but fails to find the back of the net, and the match ends with Arsenal emerging as champions with a score of 3-2.

What an exciting match it has been, with both teams playing their hearts out. Arsenal makes history with their third Top100 World Club Cup win, and the fans celebrate with joy and excitement. Porto can hold their heads high, knowing that they gave it their all and made this an unforgettable match.

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  1. That really blew me away what a great write up for the final thank you Dan top effort. i will do my end of season review soon.


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