Top100 Barca Deals –

Barcelona has made some major moves in the Top100 league, solidifying their team with a much-needed acquisition. After a busy couple of days, the club has successfully welcomed Sergej Milinković-Savić and Kingsley Coman from Leicester City, in a deal that will undoubtedly balance out the team.

Despite having Hulk as their starting right winger this season, Barcelona has been able to pull off some impressive wins. However, with the addition of Coman, the team can now ensure a more well-rounded attack. Additionally, securing Milinković-Savić to cover the middle is a major boost for the team’s depth.

Of course, no major deal comes without a cost, and in this case, Barcelona has had to say goodbye to Kevin De Bryune, who will now join the foxes. KDB has been a key player in Barcelona’s title bid this season, and has put up some impressive numbers in goals and assists in Top100. However, his recent position change has affected his form, and the club felt that this deal was necessary for the greater good.

Losing a 96 rated player is never easy, but the club is confident that the move will benefit them in the long run. With these new acquisitions, Barcelona looks set to make a real push for the title again next season.

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