Ladies and gents, we have a winner, and it’s Bayern Munich with a whopping 4-0 victory over AC Milan in the Top100 Shield Final! The Bavarian boys were in top form, and the Milanese lads simply couldn’t keep up.

Two goals from the Croatian sensation Luka Modric, one from the mighty Franck Kessie, and another from the man of the match, Riyad Mahrez, meant it was a tough night for the Milan faithful. But hey, at least they can drown their sorrows with some gelato, right?

Bayern’s boss man, Bojan, has added another trophy to his already glittering collection, cementing his reputation as one of the best managers in the game. Could a title push be on the cards for Bayern next season? We’ll have to wait and see.

As for the Milan fans, well, let’s just say they’re feeling a little blue. But there’s still much to look forward to under the leadership of their manager, Andrew Bailey. He’s brought some much-needed pride back to the Rossoneri, and who knows, maybe next season they’ll give Bayern a run for their money. Until then, chin up, Milan fans. There’s always pizza to cheer you up!

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