Celta Vigo Top100 Cup Winners!

Hey hey, guess what? Celta Vigo have done it again, woohoo! They have won the Top100 Cup for the second time, and it was an absolute nail-biter of a match against Hamburg. The superstar of the game was none other than Borja Iglesias, who scored the winning goal in the 13th minute and put on a man of the match performance that had us all on our feet cheering!

But wait, there’s more! Hamburg tried their best to keep up, but they were dealt a blow in the 40th minute when Jonathan Clauss got a second yellow card and had to hit the showers early. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt! Even so, the Hamburg fans can hold their heads high because their team had an incredible run to the final, thanks in no small part to the amazing leadership of Manager David Marsden.

Last but not least, a huge congratulations to Paul Masters for winning his first major trophy in Top100! What a moment to savour, and we can’t wait to see what other incredible feats this talented manager will achieve in the future. Way to go, Celta Vigo!

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