Blue is the colour……

After being 2 seasons without much hope of winning the league again (season 15 5th 21 points behind barca,season 16 2nd place 7 points behind barca) it could be said some of the chelsea faithful might have given up hope of even being champions again due to barca recruiting well and building a strong 11 which last season finished a pretty impressive 89 points. On speaking to Dan this was always gonna be a season where both the top 2 had more older players than we would have liked.The decision to sell ronaldo was a massive one,11 goals 18 assists is always gonna be hard to replace but we knew if we were going to keep chelsea challenging we had to make sure we got good value for our older players and llorente at 26 92 rtd I felt it was one we had to do. Other noticeable changes for us was against the playbook but I knew to win the league I needed a strong dm with verratti and it worked before so we purchased Toni Kroos from barca.the last time we signed him from barca we finally cracked the league title so I thought why not give it a go.

It’s been a very interesting title race with Chelsea barca and Porto all at some stages looking like they could lift the title.Even near the end a late surge from Real Madrid had me worried.but through a cloud of injuries,suspensions and at one point throwing away a good lead,we regrouped changed a few minor tactics and the turning point was beating barca in there own backyard laid the foundations of a third title win for chelsea. Kane with 20 goals neymar with 15 assists de bruyne with many top ratings,it was the lesser of the 4 ratings in serg gnabry who was top player for us with 30 app 11 goals and 22 assists 4 motm.

Hard to describe how I feel as I thought about leaving after season 15,was close to putting my hat in the ring for wba but eventually the thought of not challenging for the div 1 title made me more determined to reclaim the title from the grasp of Dan (barca).big shout out to him he took a team tweaked it and got it going again after we had managed to stop Scott’s dominance but barca was in same bot at time needing to let some older ones go .both of us have managed to let the two highest ratings in the game go so it was always gonna be a tight contest and gladly we sit here today champions for our 3rd time.

Season 18 already we have brought n kessie and cancelo for Kroos Reece james , rice for fekir and ndidi Ferran torres and nico schlotterbach for wahi Thomas and Marcus llorente and karlsson slonina and weah for kolo muani Babkin and melamed.we lose Darwin nunez to barca from a previous deal keep evolving we need to do this sort of work to keep the team ticking along.we now have a squad 30 years and under as I type.I look forward to the the challenge next term as could be upto 6 teams challenging .we are glad to be the front runners and hopefully we can set the pace no one can catch…..

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