Additional Rule Change Vote

In Light of recent issues surrounding free agent and newly added players to the data base and their values changing, the admin team would like to implement the following new amendment to the rules surrounding these players.

The rule will affect all newly added players to the Database, that’s free agents and attached players.

It will rely on us as a Gameworld to ensure any issues are flagged straight away.

As is currently, any breaches of the new rules, will result in a transfer ban

We hope that this new change will help making the bidding on these players fairer and work against SM’s insistence for changing the player value after 24 hours allowing for higher bids on players.

There is one distinct difference between the two options below, Option A includes the caveat that all bids for all newly added players must be Cash only. We hope this would help make it easier to administer as multiple part exchanged bids can be time consuming to check, we don’t want to add to anyone’s work load. But ultimately comes down to your decision on what you would like to do.

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