MANCHESTER UNITED- Season 17 Preview

Division 2 looks a little stronger this season with Genoa(91) and Leverkusen(90) joining from Division 1 along with Augsburg (89) Flamengo (89) and Sporting (89) being promoted from division 3 plus the relegation of Newcastle(88), Galatasaray (88) Sevilla(88) and Roma (88) to division 3

I spent some time in the close season trying to exchange some older players for youths and exchanging youths, in order to reduce the average age of the team and to build for the future. I also made 4 players available at minimum value to division 4/5 clubs, and sold two. I will however keep Dimitri Payet until he retires as he is only worth £2.4M and may not go down again for a while as he is playing well for Marseille. Apart from him, my oldest player is 28.  

                (1) My first deal was with Paddy (Anderlecht) which saw Luis Pizzi(90) 32yo       leaving United and Sardella(82) 19yo and Nelson(83) 22yo joining us.  This releases an older player for 2 youngsters with a future

                (2) My second was an external transfer in  “Naoufal Bannis” a 19yo Feyenoord player, replacing Edison Azcona who is 18yo. 

                (3) I made a mistake and had Taylan Antalyali(85) 27yo on the transfer list rather than for exchange so I had to accept the offer from the “The  Godfather” at Lyonnais 

                (4) Due to (3), I had to take on Juan Ramirez(85) a 28yo Free Agent, who will be a squad player covering both defensive and attacking  midfield

                (5) I finally decided to let Jovic(90) 24yo go to Paddy at Anderlecht with Fred(90) 28yo and Diawara(88) 24yo coming the other way. This will   bolster our Defensive midfield position and allow us to bring in Baumgartner to the first team into an attacking midfield role

                (6) I sold Reggie Cannon(83) 23yo at face value to Independiente of Division 5

                (7) Sebastien Caceres(83) 22yo left us for division 5 side Olympiacos in a face value deal

                (8) I agreed a deal with Paul at Dynamo Moskva for Andrea Belotti(91)28yo with Fran Beltran(87) 22yo and Reece Oxford(83) 23yo coming to United

                (9) Anton Evremov(73) 18yo has been sold external to create a space for Oxford

Some people say I don’t do any deals or bring in youths, but thanks to Paddy and Paul I have.

We still have an average rating of 89.0 for the best starting 11, (87.77 for our best 18) and therefore would expect to finish between 8th – 17th, where 17th would mean relegation. We have only managed to swap first team players and have not received any rises for the existing ones, but I hope to finish between 6th – 14th next season as I was unsuccessful in trying different tactics and formations last season to combat 4231B. 

My main target will be to avoid relegation from which will be a tough division in season 17. I have also received the following message “This season your Chairman expects you to avoid relegation”. It’s great when the targets are aligned between Chairman and Manager.

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