BREAKING: Beddows overthrows Perez

Incredible scenes across the city of Madrid this evening as Real Madrid boss passes an Enabling Act which ensures he is now the all powerful leader of Madrid in what some have described as a military style takeover – lets examine how this has come about.

Beddows’ troops then stormed the offices, posted Pogba and his troops (the Under 21’s) outside of the offices – whilst General Dier proceeded to arrest and imprison Perez and his minions. Beddows then declared to the players that in the interest of the club that it was necessary to act so decisively – as the implusive decisions of the former chairman had led the club to ruin. He then emotionally stated…

“No more shall we, at Madrid be ruled by Perez and the rules of Top100 – we shall and will do what we want… Under my leadership moving forward I promise you to be swimming in silverware – so much that you shan’t know whether to cry from drowning or cry tears of joy and happiness! We shall implement a new regime at the club – away fans will be banned from the City! We shall impose self-imposed transfer bans on the following clubs: Any clubb managed by Scallotti, Hamburg, Juventus (maybe), Anderletcht and Athletic Club!” The crowd roared their approval – numbers circa 1 million were gathered in the streets of the city’s central square.

“We will allow Atletico Madrid to exist… under our very own supervision… We will go on the attack on all fronts next season – the SMFA Shield being our number 1 target!”

“Y nada mas… HALA Madrid…” Beddows was they cheered with scenes similar to that of the 1999 European Cup final in the 93rd minute – after years of Keane and Perez oppression the fans finally felt that they had achieved their freedom… they finally had their club back.


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